How do you describe this practice?

Medical team of physicians, dedicated to working with each patient on an individual basis.  Everyone wants something different out of their gynecologic and obstetrical care and delivery, and  and we feel our job is to educate, inform, and even offer our opinion to you if asked;  your job is to decide what is right for you and your family.  Everyone in all our offices will be happy to answer all your questions no matter how small or trivial they seem.

Do you offer expertise in alternative or herbal remedies?


What kind of testing do you do during pregnancy?

We do many tests at your first OB visit, including blood type and RH, blood count, hepatitis and rubella (German measles) status.  We do cultures of the vagina and urine as well as a pap smear.  We offer genetic testing (CVS or an amniocentesis) as indicated for the appropriate patient.  An alpha fetoprotein is also offered at 16 weeks.

We usually request a sonogram at about 20 weeks to evaluate fetal structures such as the heart, spine, brain, kidneys.  You can usually learn the sex of the baby at this time if you so desire.   At 24-26 weeks we do a one-hour glucola test to rule out gestational diabetes and at 36 weeks, we do another culture to rule out infections that might affect the baby at delivery.  Other testing is done if medically indicated.

How often do I come and what can I expect at my prenatal visits?

Your first visit is usually done between the sixth and tenth week of pregnancy.  It is the longest visit with plenty of time for questions and answers.  After that you will come every four weeks for several visits, then every three weeks for one or two visits, and then weekly until you deliver.   After the first visit, pelvic examinations are not done until the last month of pregnancy.  Each time you will be weighed and your blood pressure and a urine sample will be taken.  At twelve weeks of pregnancy, we will listen to the fetal heart and you will be measured for size. There will always be time to answer all questions and keep you informed as to your progress.

Should I attend a childbirth class?

Yes, we encourage all of our patients to attend classes that may be offered by the respective hospital, Bradley or Lamaze class.

Do you support breastfeeding?

We support and strongly encourage our patients to breastfeed.

What hospitals do you deliver at and what are they like?

Our supporting doctors offer delivery at Reston, Fair Oaks, Fairfax and Loudoun Hospital !